Why Car Paint Protection Is Good Value

It's not expensive, its good value and here's why! 


The UK's Average annual salary is £26k the equivalent hourly rate £14.40* so that's costing you the best part of over £500 over 3 years just to keep your car polished and protected!

Save time and money and get your cars paintwork protected with one of our great treatments Supagard, Diamondbrite or Autoglym Lifeshine from only £250.


Assuming two hours to wash and polish the car every two months. Owning the car for 3 years cost of time spent cleaning for 36 hours?


Value of your time per hour





Cost of three years cleaning and polishing






So £240 is really good value based on time alone, that's before you consider the protection value provided to your car from Ultra Violet Light which causes paint fading along with road grime an salt! not to mention how much easier and quicker it is to wash and clean with no more polishing required again.


*Sources: National Statistics (ONS) shows that the average gross salary for full-time employees was £26,200 in 2011. The average annual income for full-time female employees was £22,900 in 2011, compared to £28,400 for male workers. Assuming a 35 hour working week.