Car Paint Protection Solutions For Your Car

Ultimate provide two different types of paint protection solutions for your car.


Liquid Based Solutions


The first and most commonly available protection system is provided as a liquid applied to the exterior paintwork of you car Ultimate offer two market leading solutions in the area. This solution is commonly sold to new car purchasers through car dealerships. It provides protection from UV fading, bird droppings and tree sap but isn't a scratch, chip or swirl mark prevention solution. These protection systems also normally extend to providing interior protection to the fabric and leather upholstery or the car as well as the carpets.

  • Diamondbrite Jewelultra priced from £280 inc vat
  • GTechniq prices from £595 in vat

All of the solutions also offer protection to the cars interior covering fabric and leather seats as well as carpets

Physical Film Based Solutions


The second solution is stretchable film based product called Paint Protection Film (PPF) which is applied to either part of your car like the front bumper or to the whole of your car covering all painted surfaces. Ultimate offer two market leading solutions. As a general rule this is typically sold to premium car owners wanting to protect there paintwork from chips, scratches and swirl marks.

  • LLumar
  • Suntek
  • Xpel


Priced from £475 inc vat

Diamondbrite Paint Protection Package

Regardless of your car’s age, protecting the exterior finish is one of the most important maintenance tasks. As well as keeping your vehicle looking brand new, specialist protection systems are essential to prolong the life of your car’s paint.


As experts in the industry, we offer the leading car paint protection solution, Diamondbrite.


The majority of other paint protection products like Supagard, Autoglym Lifeshine, SilverSeal don't provide warranted protection against bird lime or tree sap which are amongst the most common causes of paint damage to car paintwork, Diamondbrite provides this warranted protection.


Suitable for both new and used vehicles, we also offer interior protection services, applying specialist products designed to keep your cloth and leather upholstery and carpets in fine condition.

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Paint protection works by forming a permanent barrier layer on the existing paint finish of your car. It effectively seals the paint in and doesn't allow dirt, grime and pollution to bond to it and cause damage, whilst providing a protective shield against UV Rays. This differs to wax and polish which wears away over short time periods, sometimes as quickly as a couple of weeks.


Each product has been developed to withstand harsh weather conditions, giving your car an ultimate shine and ensuring maximum resale value.  


  • With its unique two stage application process this ensures an ultra durable and deep shine finish, Diamondbrite treatments come complete with a lifetime guarantee and there are a range of products to ensure your car always looks like it’s just left the forecourt.


For more information on any of our car paint protection treatments, get in touch with our friendly, expert team today by phone or email.

Other brands of car paint protection include.

  • Gardx
  • Supagard
  • Tribos
  • Ceramashield
  • Autoglym Lifeshine
  • GTechniq
  • Fortron
  • Smartguard / Smartgard
  • Silver Seal
  • Safegard - Scotts paint protection
  • 3M Paint protection.
  • G3 Glascoat
  • Autoprotect
  • Suregard
  • Puregard
  • Surgard


None of above provide any customer advantages over the three excellent products we provide as part of our portfolio of products.


Most of the above companies have evolved through the management teams of the three brand we support Gard X out of the Diamondbrite Jewelultra business, Tribos from Supagard management and G3 Glascoat Similarly. Silver Seal comes from the trade car cleaning company Autosmart.