Diamonbrite Care Tips


Wash the car monthly and each month apply the conserver as explained below.



The conserver effectively tops up the Diamondbrite finish. It is incredibly easy and straight forward to apply. You first wash your car as per normal using a vehicle shampoo (also included in the Diamondbrite aftercare kit). Then you take a clean bucket of water, add 2 cap fulls of the Conserver and apply over the paintwork with a sponge or wash mitt. Then rinse the car with clean water and dry using a clean microfibre towel.


The reason for applying the conserver after you have washed the car normally is to ensure the Conserver gets directly onto the paint and does its job, which is to top up the protection on your car. The conserver can also be applied via a car wash by putting the 2 cap fulls of the product on the front wings and bonnet; this is then spread back across the paint work as the brushes move along your car (Full instructions are on the bottle).


Bird Droppings

The only other key element is to ensure bird dropping are removed ideally within 24 hours of landing on the vehicle to prevent etching of the paint.