Car Paint Protection Reviews

Ultimate have assembled the following Car Paint Protection Reviews based on our experience and feedback gained from customers.


Supagard Car Car Paint Protection Reviews


Provides a highly durable finish which will resist bird lime for 24-48 hours, it provides a fantastic look and finish to the exterior of the vehicle. It is easy to clean and requires no maintenance other than the washing of the vehicle. It's only limitation is the fact that it is supplied with only a 3 year warranty which probably reflects the fact that no aftercare is required. Having said I have seen vehicles going through valeting business which are over 5 years old and the water is still beading of brilliantly. The wheel protector works well and comes as standard however this is not a warranted part of the treatment process but its application does make the aftercare of the wheels much easier.


Diamondbrite Car Paint Protection Reviews


A very durable finish which can withstand bird lime for nearly four days in our experience without leaving and signs of damage. The resilience of Diamondbrite can probably be attributed to is unique two part application process we think. Aftercare isn't to difficult with the requirement of the Diamondbrite Conserver applicationonce a month being removed as a warranty requirement although very straight forward to complete on an occasional basis to enhance the finish. The conserver is added to two buckets of water and then poured over the car and then dried off as normal. The product comes with a lifetime warranty. Once treated the cars paintwork also looks outstanding and is easy to clean. The wheel protector works well and comes as standard however this is an warranted part of the treatment process but its application does make the aftercare of the wheels much easier.


The only one of the three to provide protection against bird lime and tree sap.


Autoglym Lifeshine Car Paint Protection Reviews


Autoglym have recently revamped there LifeShine paint protection system (beginning of 2012) as a result it no longer requires as part of the warranty for the car to be polished 3-4 times per year and suggest now polishing is only required to enhance the finish as required. The advantage of the Autoglym Lifeshine product is that you can polish it as its not appropriate to do so with Diamondbrite and Supagard.


The Autoglym Lifeshine is resilient when applied and is durable, the after care program has been made easier by the recent launch of the new paint protection system.


However its worth remembering that paint protection products aren't all about aftercare and that they provide excellent protection against UV damage and oxidisation which is the primary cause of paint fading. The finish once your car has been Autoglym Lifeshined is outstanding. Its worth also ensuring that you get the alloy wheel protector applied when you get the treatment done. Autoglym Lifeshine comes with a lifetime warranty.


Still want to be able to spend Sunday morning polishing your car then Autoglym Lifeshine the one for you!

Other brands of car paint protection include.

  • Gardx - Lifetime Guarantee with no advantage over Diamondbrite
  • Tribos - 5 Year warranty with aftercare requirements
  • Ceramashield - No warranties provided
  • Fortron - No warranty information readily available
  • Smartguard / Smartgard - 4 year warranty
  • Silver Seal - 3 years on new 2 on those over 1 year and 1 on those over 5 years old complicated!
  • Safegard - Scotts paint protection 3 year warranty


None of above provide any customer advantages over the three excellent products we provide as part of our portfolio of products.